Drone use in Insurance Claims

Drones are fast becoming part of the landscape of various different industries, reinventing traditional practices were time and cost efficiencies can be made.

The insurance industry has a poor reputation for the time it takes to investigate and settle claims.  However, this is not because they are trying to avoid making a payment.  A shortage of qualified insurance professionals and the use of traditional inspection methods have conspired to mean that the wheels can be slow to turn.  Luckily, new aerial photography and video technology is poised to offer significant benefits to the insurance industry.


Drones and Insurance Assessment

A Loss Adjuster will need to personally visit each claim which requires scheduling  a time limited resource before they can even begin to gather the information that they need in order to begin the settlement process.  A drone pilot can be an invaluable resource here in speeding up this information gathering process in cases, for example, of building, chimney or roof damage.  A simple, short series of flights can produce detailed photos and video footage that are perfect to support your claim usually within a matter of days.  There is no delay while qualified inspection personnel are sourced or scaffolding is erected.  Suitably equipped drones and pilots can also capture thermal imaging to provide a really complete picture of the situation.

Drones and Personal Injury Claims

Although it isn’t the first area that springs to mind when you think of the applications of drone technology in the field of insurance, there have been several instances when drone companies have worked on providing data to support a personal injury claim.  As UAVs with their bird’s eye perspective offer a unique way of setting a building or structure within the context of its environment. This can offer a simple visual backdrop to a set of circumstances that led to the injury, valuable context and even detailed views of safety equipment, railings and other provisions that may or may not have contributed to events.

Qualified and Legal Pilots

So why don’t all insurance Loss Adjusters simply carry a drone in their car ready to look at hard to access places? To use drones for insurance, an operator must be a CAA approved drone pilot with permission for commercial operations. This involves passing both written and practical flight tests, and ensures an operator understands the laws controlling the use of drones.  We at Drone Motion already have this approval and are fully operational.


Thanks to Drone Safe Register for the information on this blog.


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