Drone Motion: April - May

The team at Drone Motion has had a busy time during April - May, we’ve worked on multiple jobs ranging from filming fancy £2m cars to £200 bikes! Being able to work on so many different projects allows us to gain an incredible amount of experience.

A lot of our work is kept under a NDA (non-disclosure agreement,) so we can’t discuss or show too much of what we got up to.

April 25th - Bremont Watches - Jaguar D-Type


Now this one sounds fancy, and we’d like to say yes, it probably is. How often do you get to film a 1948 Jaguar D-Type worth £2m? Not often. So when we got a call to help film this advert for Bremont Watches, we said yes and yes again. Everyone on set was excited to be surrounded by such a car and to hear the engine turn on was a thing to never forget. (The drone sounded really good too.)

Speaking of drone, our aim was to film the Jaguar on a race track going at full speed. We flew close, wide, slow, from above and at pretty much every angle you can think of. This was truly a once in a life time experience. (Until the next classic car we film.)

May 2nd - YouTube Video


Early morning in North London calls for a lot of morning coffee! We drove to a YouTube set which was in the early stages of production. Our drones services were being used as props and for some ‘interesting’ flight manoeuvres. This shoot is under a strict NDA so we’re not able to show or talk much. Except for what you see above and below. You can use your imagination into what actually happened there after!


May 6th - BBC Documentary


Southend-On-Sea, a thriving beach town in the summer, unfortunately May isn’t the summer so it’s gale force winds season instead. We were called up along side another pilot via a fellow Drone Safe Member to help on a specific shoot. 1 person to pilot the Inspire 1 Pro and the other to operate the camera. Sounds tricky and to be fair it was, though once we got a good communication going the filming was easy enough - The only problem we had was the winds as we were out on the Southend Pier. The entire BBC team were extremely helpful on the day and provided us with a lot of direction and guidance, having a team behind you helps when the conditions get rough. Watch this space as the BBC documentary cones out in September 2019.

May 10th - CarGiants, London


Now some of you may or may not know of this £500m company, they are the world’s biggest second hand car dealership in the world. Our job was to join another production company and record some amazing aerial footage of the entire 45-acre site, along side the production line on how they vet and look after their ready to be sold cars. This was a long day at 12-14hrs door to door, but the mission was a success and the client was extremely happy with what we had achieved, we added a little extra bonus for them by creating a 360 panoramic photo for them to which anyone can interact with.


May 16th - Cotswold


The Cotswold. You read the name and you instantly think; old, scenic, British countryside with outstanding views. You’re not wrong! We were very lucky that the mid May sun was shining bright and the winds were kept to a minimum. Our aim for the day was to film for Active England Bike Tours, who provide package cycling and walking tours across the old English countryside lasting up to 8 days in total, sounds like a bit of a holiday! Seeing as American’s love using this company it was only fitting to film in the Cotswold so the video truly did showcase what England in the summer is all about. The final video should release in June and we can’t wait to see it.



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