At Drone Motion, our goal is to provide expert commercial aerial services throughout the UK, with an unparalleled level of service.

Our fleet of drone pilots and cinematographers use professional drones and top-notch camera gear to produce unique, aesthetically captivating footage for clients in many media industries. Our drone experts are highly vetted, providing clients with not just highly-technical experience, but deep expertise in aerial cinematography. Drone Motion has a strict and steadfast commitment to quality, ensuring that our drone experts bring the highest level of professionalism to any set.


Our Work

Please note, not all of our footage, (some of it our best!) can’t be shared due to NDA’s,


Aerial Photography

We do more than just film. We're also heavily involved with aerial photography. Our drone can take incredible images with amazing clarity. You can see our best selection by clicking on the button below.


Where it all began

Back in 2015-2016, Drone Motion™ began out under Sore Thumb Media. A music platform to help unestablished artists get the reach that they deserved.

These set of small budget music videos gave us the inspiration to be where we are today with Drone Motion™.